At Joel Spitzer’s Stop Smoking Clinic, we treat the “Intelligent Smoker.”

For historical purposes only.
Based on promotional materials from 2000.
Joel Spitzer is no longer doing live programs.

Being an intelligent smoker means you recognize that smoking is dangerous to your health, threatening your social status and costing you a lot more money than it is worth. Since you are intelligent, you probably want to quit smoking but just can’t seem to. We can help you break free from cigarettes.

Since 1976, over 4,500 smokers have participated in Joel’s Stop Smoking Clinics. Participants attend six evening sessions over a two week period and then are eligible to attend sessions for long-term reinforcement at no extra charge. Twenty-four-hour live hot line service is available for all participants both during and after the clinic. Group and individual counseling is provided. We give you a life-time warranty. If at anytime you feel the need to enroll again, you can do so at no extra charge.

There are no shots, record keeping, hypnosis, needles, or any other quick-fix gimmicks. Our method is clear and simple. Participants quit smoking completely at the first session and are supported through the worst period of physiological and psychological withdrawal. Long-term reinforcement then provides additional support to maintain abstinence. 

Why choose our Stop Smoking Clinic over other programs? We don’t claim to be the cheapest (unless you live or work in either Evanston or Skokie), quickest, easiest, biggest, or most convenient. We do not guarantee that you will not experience withdrawal, and if you fail to quit, we will not give you a penny back. Other programs may promise any or all of these miraculous benefits. We offer none of them. So why choose our clinic?

Only one reason we can think of. Because it works. We are a no-nonsense program. We recognize smoking is a true form of drug addiction, and we treat it as such. Being an addict means there is no magic cure, no easy way out. But the nicotine addiction, like any other drug dependency, is treatable. We offer the most comprehensive and sound support to beat that addiction. But do not let us give you the wrong impression. We won’t quit for you. You will have to do the hard part. We will simply help show you how to stop and then how to stay off.

We are not the program for everyone. If you think you can quit anytime you want, do not call us. If you are offended that we put you in the same category as alcoholics, heroin junkies, or cocaine addicts, do not call us. If you want an easy, painless method that requires no effort or responsibility on your part, do not call us. But if you are sick and tired of smoking, and you really want to quit—give us a call.

For historical purposes only. Based on promotional materials from 2000. Joel Spitzer is no longer doing live programs.

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