Limitations of the use of Nicotine Replacement Products

I occasionally get emails from people inquiring why I have such a critical view of what most experts view as the state of the art treatments for smoking cessation, namely the use of nicotine replacement therapy and other pharmaceutical cessation products. Being that it takes time to personally answer all of these emails, I have assembled a series of articles and videos that address different issues involving the use of these products for smoking cessation.

Pharmacological aids to smoking cessation
Pharmacological aids, Part II
40 years of progress?
Quitting methods – who to believe?
Whatever you do don’t quit cold turkey! 
How Did Most Smokers Quit?
Is Cold Turkey the only way to quit?
Hooked on the Cure
Wall Street Journal article explores pharmaceutical industry “Nicotine Fix”
The Global Research Neglect of Unassisted Smoking Cessation
Former smokers say best way to quit is just to stop “cold turkey”
Is it time to stop subsidising nicotine replacement therapies?
Drugs, gums or patches won’t increase your chances of quitting
How good are ecigarettes at helping smokers quit?
Most expert say “Don’t quit cold turkey”
2020 Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking Cessation

Link to Videos Related to Quitting Aids